Tailor Management Software

Tailor Management Software Documentation

Tailor management system is designed to automate the tailoring sector which is done manually. The preliminary goal of this software is to keep good records, quick research and for creating the paperless environment. This project has mainly tackled management of information for the customers.

The benefits of using Tailor Management Software

By using tailor management software, the users can have several benefits. The system administrator is able to manage customer information and also update records. As every user of this software will have to log into the system using username and password, security and corruption are preserved. Being access through online, Administrator is eligible to access and maintain every work and employees from wherever they want. This software gives the opportunity to handle workers and all the information about dress and orders.

Some features about the Tailor Management Software

  • Order and Delivery
  • Notification module
  • Order module
  • Cutting module
  • Worker module
  • Customer module
  • Material module
  • Category module
  • Daily Expense module
  • Ledger Report
  • Ledger module
  • Profit module
  • Worker Report
  • Salary Report
  • Employee expense report
  • Management
  • Worker attendance module
  • Employee management module
  • Salary management module
  • User management module
  • Software settings module